Beat the heat, it’s indoor!

In Arizona, where the sun shines all around the year, Makutu’s Island provides a nice and cool ambiance allowing you to escape the heat. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting sunburns or a heat stroke but still get the same physical activity while you are sipping a chilled beverage at the Kiki’s café. The island has so many things to explore and will be a great place for energy-burning indoor fun!

Unlimited play time

Who doesn’t love unlimited? If your kid’s friends are late, the last thing you have to worry is about how much time you have left at Makutu’s Island.  Exploring the tunnels, caves, gigantic banana tree and the excitement of the adventures on slides, nets, zip tracks and bungee jump definitely deserves unlimited time.

Build great memories and friendships

Makutu’s Island provides a ton of opportunities for your kids to make new friends as they explore the caves, climb the nets and slide down the tubes with others. It will lead to great memories and lasting friendships. When your kids grow old, they will cherish this place as the one that nurtured their exploring and adventure seeking desires.

Free for adults

The word “Free” in the above subheading must have definitely caught your attention. Makutu’s Island is really free for Adults as long as you are accompanied by a kid. No hidden fees and conditions. If you are an adult, come enjoy the cool indoors, use the free WiFi to entertain yourself or to get things done while sipping a chilled beer from the Kiki’s Café. The café has gourmet pizzas and other bar-style food that would definitely satisfy your cravings. Check out the entire menu here.

Really clean

The last thing you want is to get your kid to get sick because of lack of proper hygiene at the play areas. Makutu’s Island has a great staff that keeps the play area spick and span. They clean the area and wipe down the tunnels every single day.

Hassle free birthday parties

Organizing a birthday party? Makutu’s Island has experienced staff that takes care of all the arrangements for your birthday party. From Invitation to Thank You – everything is taken care of. It allows you to be relaxed and forget about all your hosting responsibilities. Come, enjoy with others and make some great memories.