Makutu's Island is also a great location for organizing group events. We work with your group to customize the event as per your needs and have flexible options. Here are some examples of group events that we usually organize.

We can also open early for your group.  We can be flexible with time.


Looking for fun and educational field trip ideas for children?

Makutu's Island is a perfect location for elementary school students.

Indulge in a hassle-free field trip for your school or group.  You can opt for food or without food.

It can be all day or just a few hours.  We have many flexible choices.

Group pricing can only be used for field trips Monday through Friday

Family Reunions / Soccer clubs

For groups with 15 kids participating, we can offer a special custom package for your group.

Groups / Client appreciation events

Need a place for award ceremonies,
group meetings, troop gatherings or
other special events?
We can help you with that!
You can come just for fun or rent our private party rooms



Makutu's Island is dedicated to being a valuable member of the community.

For years we have helped schools, organizations and clubs raise FUNds.

We can even help you organize, promote and track the fundraiser.

If you're looking for a new, exciting, and safe way to raise FUNds, Makutu's Island is the place!

Our fundraiser package will meet the needs of groups big and small.

Field trips / Group Pricing / JUST PLAY (NO FOOD)


13.74 / student

  • 14.81 with tax


12.54 /Student

  • $13.51 with tax


$11.73 /Student

  • $12.64 with tax


$ 11.16 / Student

  • $12.03 with tax



  • FREE

Field trips / Group Pricing / WITH FOOD INCLUDED


17.63 / Student

  • $19.00 with tax


$16.50 /Student

  • $17.79 with tax


$15.54 /Student

  • $16.75 with tax


$14.98 / Student

  • $16.14 with tax


$6.99 / Adult

  • $7.54 with tax
  • Lunch includes 2 slices of cheese pizza
  • Guests are not allowed to leave and re-enter the same day.
  • No outside food or beverages
  • Socks required to play
  • Add on Activity: Educational instruction (Topics to choose from: Trees, Ecosystem, Animals, Robotics, Engineering & other topics): $7 plus tax/child