Here are a few tips that would help you with checking-in at Makutu’s Island as you celebrate your birthday party.


Bring the list of guests-  REQUIRED for check-in. Please find a sample document here.

Cake and Food

Remember to bring your own cake, cupcake or dessert item. No other outside food is permitted.

Order any additional food you may need.  (for last minute orders – will be best effort to deliver on time for party room)


When you are checking-in at Makutu’s Island, communicate with your party host/check-in personnel if you want any of Makutu’s Island characters into the party room. By default, characters are not in the room as some children are not comfortable to be close to the characters.

Decoration and Cake Cutting

We do not allow elaborate outside decorations but can accommodate decking up the room. The party parents should be able to set up and then take down the decorations within 15 minutes. Ideal items will be floor standing balloons and such that can be easily set up. Let the party check-in personnel know if you have any decoration items. You will be called into the room for decoration approximately an hour after the party check-in time

The play time before you go to your party room is between 60-75 minutes. The celebration time inside the party room including cake cutting, pizzas, and opening presents is 60 minutes. After the celebrations, you will have unlimited play time until close.


The party package includes one free bungee jump for the birthday child. You can receive your bungee number by presenting the special light up birthday sticker that was given to you at the check-in.  When are checking-in at Makutu’s Island, you will also receive a timing card that recommends the time you should pick up your bungee number.

The time on your timing card is not the time you will jump on the bungee. It is rather a recommendation as to when you should pick up your card. Depending on how many jumps are ahead of you the wait can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. The time we recommend picking up your bungee card is set after your hour in the party room. This is to avoid missing your turn while you are inside the room. If you do end up missing your turn on the bungee we will ask you to exchange your missed number for a new number and wait again; no exceptions can be made!