kids party roomWe all love celebrating birthdays. It is a tradition that is so ingrained in the global culture that we rarely think about why we celebrate it. Let’s explore some reasons behind why we should be celebrating birthdays and how we can tailor the celebrations to these reasons.

Self Esteem

On our birthday, we usually get a lot of attention. We look our best, wear nice clothes and everyone makes us feel special. We secretly love this feeling and is the major reason why we look forward to our birthday every year. The way we feel on our birthday gives a big boost to our self-esteem. As parents, we definitely want our kids to be proud of themselves. Birthday celebrations provide us a great opportunity to add another layer of confidence in themselves. During the party, encouraging our kids to showcase their hidden talents and recognizing their strengths in front of others makes a big difference.


It takes a ton of love, commitment, patience and effort to raise a kid. Our parents have done it when raising us and we do the same with our kids. However, we tend to forget to take the time and recognize these efforts. Birthdays are a great occasion for us to be grateful to our parents and teach the same values to our kids. It is also a proud moment for parents to celebrate another year of successfully taking care of their kids.


The secret behind the people who live the longest and healthiest is their great relationships. It takes time and constant effort to cultivate these relationships and strengthen them. Birthday celebrations bring friends and families together and make some memories that we will cherish forever. The photos remind us of how we have grown older with our friends and the changes that we all go through as time progresses.

Inspiration & Encouragement

Birthdays act as a milestone and allow us to recognize TIME as a valuable commodity. It inspires us of how far we have come and encourages to set our next goals and strive to become our best. If we set goals to achieve for our next birthday, it makes us more accountable to ourselves. We can teach the same to our kids as well.