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After partying at Makutu’s Island

We recommend you to do the following the day after your party at Makutu’s Island. Feedback Let us know how we did. Give us feedback here. We are hungry for feedback. It helps with our commitment to creating the best memories Thank the guests Send thank you cards to the guests. You can find a soft…

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Checking-in at Makutu’s Island

Here are a few tips that would help you with checking-in at Makutu’s Island as you celebrate your birthday party. Guestlist Bring the list of guests-  REQUIRED for check-in. Please find a sample document here. Cake and Food Remember to bring your own cake, cupcake or dessert item. No other outside food is permitted. Order…

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Preparing for Birthdays at Makutu’s Island

Birthday Party at Makutu's Island

At Makutu’s Island, we work hard to make it a memorable event for your friends and family. Here is our checklist that can help you to plan your birthday party: Send invitations You can print invitations online by visiting this eVite website here. You can even pick up hard copies at Makutu’s Island free of charge.…

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Exploring Makutu’s Island

Makutu's Island map

Makutu’s Island is vast and has many areas to explore. I would like to introduce you to the different play areas on the island so that you feel familiar when you come visit us. Banana Tree This is the big brown tree located at the center of the Makutu’s Island. It is designed for kids…

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Makutu, Oscar, Kiki and Captain Max

Introducing the hosts of Makutu’s Island   Makutu means “magic” in the Polynesian language of Maori — the indigenous people of New Zealand. In Arizona, Makutu is also a fun-loving jaguar cub and the “KING” of this mythical island of fun.     Captain Max – the parrot who want’s the human adventurers on the…

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Four Reasons To Celebrate Birthdays

We all love celebrating birthdays. It is a tradition that is so ingrained in the global culture that we rarely think about why we celebrate it. Let’s explore some reasons behind why we should be celebrating birthdays and how we can tailor the celebrations to these reasons. Self Esteem On our birthday, we usually get…

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Why Celebrate at Makutu’s Island ?

Beat the heat, it’s indoor! In Arizona, where the sun shines all around the year, Makutu’s Island provides a nice and cool ambiance allowing you to escape the heat. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting sunburns or a heat stroke but still get the same physical activity while you are sipping a…

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