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Makutu’s (Ma-coo-two’s) Island, one of America’s largest indoor play places, is a trip into fantasy and adventure for children of all ages and a perfect way to beat the Arizona heat.   Designed with a tropical theme, Makutu’s is a lush, exciting indoor “island” with towering trees, climbs, bungee, zip tracker, arcade, café, toddler zone and mysterious caves.

The centerpiece of Makutu’s Island is its magnificent indoor tree.   Filled with tunnels, tubes, mole-holes and slides, the magnificent tree offers hours of fun and adventure.   Around the tree’s perimeter, guests will find animals carved within its extensive roots and a comical three-animal totem pole.  Within the majestic tree,  the “snake” slide is a sure thrill as it starts on the forth level in the air and winds more than 35 feet
around the outside of the tree to its base.

After exploring the tree, many of Makutu’s guests find themselves in one of the three adjoining play structures including the Blue Fantasy Tree,
Pirates Cove and Palm Slide.  Less rigorous than the old oak tree, these areas are perfect for the less-experienced island travelers
and feature tunnels, caves and a zip-line!

In addition to Makutu’s main four play areas, the island also offers its smaller guests a special toddler area. Oscar’s Lagoon
is a slower placed environment for Makutu’s smallest  “castaways.”  In the Lagoon, toddlers will enjoy smaller slides, a climb zone
for the cubs and soft foam building blocks.

Things start to heat up at Makutu’s Island within The Inferno -- a fiery volcano that is home to the island’s video arcade.  Within
The Inferno, children can try their luck on a selection of some of the “hottest” games available.

When it's time for lunch or a snack, Kiki's Cafe provides a full menu with many family favorites like fries, salads, quesadillas, mac n cheese, smoothies, specialty pizzas like Makutu Meaty Pizza, Kiki's Hawaiian Pizza, Paneer Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Samosas & much more, all within a fanciful bamboo-themed environment.

Makutu’s Island is a perfect spot for birthdays and boasts six private party rooms.  Personalized service and convenience are at the heart of having a birthday at Makutu’s Island.  Guests are greeted at the front door and the party begins at The Party Pier.  Parties include unlimited play time and one hour in a private party room.

If celebrating a birthday isn't the reason for your visit we can also help accommodate group events, team outings, field trips and more!

Makutu means “magic” in the Polynesian language of Maori -- the indigenous people of New Zealand.

In Arizona, Makutu is also a fun-loving jaguar cub and “king” of this mythical island of fun.
Join Makutu and his friends:  Kiki, the koala bear; Oscar, the crocodile ;
and Captain Max, the parrot, for an island adventure sure to be remembered.